2019 Annual Conference


2019 Forging New Paths
September 26 & 17, 2019


The USBE/UAACCE 2nd Annual Fall Conference for adult education and youth in care teachers, counselors, mentors, and administrators was held on Thursday, September 26th. Participants had their choice of workshops. In the evening, educators had an opportunity to network and connect at the opening social. Friday kicked off the day with a keynote speaker followed by 28 breakout options. Breakfast and lunch was provided on Friday. Vendors were on site to answer questions regarding testing and curriculum.


Conference Schedule:

Thursday Workshops:


Google Applied Digital Skills Bootcamp, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Applied Digital Skills is Google’s free, online, digital literacy curriculum for adults. It uses video-based and project-based lessons to walk students through projects like making a résumé, applying for a job, or making a business plan from start to finish. It uses free G Suite apps you can access right from your Gmail account. This 3-hour workshop is generously sponsored by COABE.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Motivational interviewing is a counseling method that helps people resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities to find the internal motivation they need to change their behavior. It is a practical, empathetic, and short-term process that takes into consideration how difficult it is to make life changes. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to sign up for ongoing motivational interviewing training throughout the 2019-2020 year that includes online training modules and monthly conference calls.

Free Digital Resources to Increase Student Engagement, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Kevin Honeycutt will take us on an always-changing romp through many exciting free tools we can use in schools, explore the idea of teachers as explorers, and the idea of taming the tools so they can be used in education. He will also explore the amazing and abundant free and affordable tools that can be used to offset costs, maximize effect, and drive improvement in schools. 

Thursday Evening:

The opening social will included entertainment by Ryan Stream, a motivational speaker and musician. A Coldstone Creamery sundae bar was provided, courtesy of Burlington English.



Registration and breakfast (provided by Aztec Software) began at 7:30 AM. We kicked the day off with a keynote presentation by Kevin Honeycutt, who brought his personal life experiences and a sense of humor and creativity to the mission of helping prepare 21st century learners. Four breakout sessions were offered, with eight options each session. Lunch provided, courtesy of Reading Horizons.


Conference Materials

Jami Gardner

Trina Valdez

Kevin Shaw

Robbyn Schribner

Travis Cook

Liz Lanphear

Jen Christenson, Sergei Prutski, and Maddie Townsend

Cathy Davis

Frank Martin

Jeff Hendricks

Kip Bromley

Teena Carper

Ann Jones and Amanda Charlesworth

Blake Daniels, Marv Luddington, and Spencer Robinson

Mitch Peterson

Michael Johnson

Hope Zitting-Goeckeritz

Adam Sherlock and Bonnie Shaw

Tonya Albornoz

Darece Sperry, Jamie Mathews, and Erin Clark

Josh Bell, Eleanor Chase, and Wendy Jack-Alvarado

Darece Sperry

Dr. Nalini Nadkami and Allison Anholt

Maria Garcia and Robert Talamante

Angela McCurdy

Gerald Jackman, Stacie Truax, and Ghislaine Richards

Larry Chatterton